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An employee eats and lives in one dormitory. Longgang Buji has many secrets for returning to work | focus on returning to work in Longgang

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"Happy new year, welcome back to work. For everyone's health, please cooperate with the temperature measurement, hand disinfection, and then enter the factory." the familiar voice of colleagues adds another warmth to the reworked employees. This is the scene when caimeixuan printing (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhencai packaging products Co., Ltd. in jishengchang industrial zone of Buji Mumian resumed work on February 11.


It is reported that the company mainly produces paper printing, packaging boxes, packaging bags and gift boxes. The person in charge of the company said to Gao Feng that the company's products are exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and other places. Some customers have placed a batch of orders before the Spring Festival. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the company ensures that the first batch of products after the festival are produced on time, quality and quantity.


During the Spring Festival, the company received a notice from the superior department asking the enterprise to postpone the resumption of work. In order to ensure both epidemic prevention and resumption of work, the company established an epidemic prevention and control leading group to clarify the division of responsibilities, formulate emergency plans and work measures for epidemic prevention and control, make reasonable arrangements and registration for the first batch of employees participating in resumption of work, first arrange one-third of employees to resume work and production, one employee to live in one bedroom, and eat in the dormitory.

At the same time, the company conducted a detailed registration survey on the first batch of employees, including 14 days' whereabouts and arrival time in Shenzhen, excluding those from the epidemic area or having a travel history in the epidemic area. In addition, the company also requires that after returning to Shenzhen, employees must declare in the wechat applet of Shenzhen public security organ, learn epidemic prevention knowledge and take personal protection measures.


The author learned that February 11 was the first day for the enterprise to resume work, and the epidemic prevention and control and production in the work area were carried out in an orderly manner. All employees of the company have been registered for disinfection and temperature measurement, and eight management measures in the plant ensure the health and safety of employees:First, the factory space is disinfected every day, the ground is mopped with 84 disinfectant, and the door handle, toilet, machine surface, tables, chairs and tools are wiped with 84 disinfectant; Second, the personnel of the company do not need to punch in, and the personnel of the administrative department shall register and measure the body temperature; Third, employees must wash their hands with disinfectant when entering the door, spray 84 disinfectant all over the body, and wear new masks issued by the company; Fourth, no personnel other than the company are allowed to enter the plant; Fifth, the masks shall not leave the mouth, and the workshop personnel shall be separated by at least one meter, and shall not talk to each other; Sixth, each person should measure his or her body temperature more than twice a day and make registration;17. The front door and back door of the company should be closed to prevent anyone from entering at will; Eighth, the company's personnel are not allowed to organize and participate in dinners, speak in crowded places, wash hands frequently, talk about hygiene, and wear masks all the way out.


"Before returning to work, the company did a lot of preparatory work, which was very thoughtful. We felt very considerate and warm," said an employee. It is worth mentioning that the company also organizes party members and employees to form a voluntary service team, which is on duty 24 hours to provide logistics support and other services for employees. If any abnormality is found, it shall be reported to the leaders of the company immediately.

[author] Mei Yunxia

[correspondent] Li changzhan

Editor Li Ding
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