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On the first day of resumption of work, Buji guaranteed epidemic prevention and production safety

Update time: 2020-05-13    Views: 6801

“Happy new year. Welcome back to work. For your health, please cooperate to measure your temperature, disinfect your hands, and then enter the factory. " This is the scene when the employees of Shenzhen Zhencai packaging products Co., Ltd., located in jishengchang Industrial Zone, Mumian, Buji street, resumed work on February 11.

It is reported that the company mainly produces paper prints, and its products are exported to the United States, South Korea and other places. The person in charge of the company introduced to Gao Feng that some customers had placed a batch of orders before the Spring Festival. "Our employees are doing their best to prevent and control the epidemic situation and ensure that the first batch of products after the festival are produced on time, quality and quantity," Xiang Gaofeng said.


During the Spring Festival, the company received a notice of the company’s postponement of work. In order to prevent the epidemic and resume work, from February 2 to 7, the company’s senior management held multiple meetings through the WeChat group to establish a leading group for epidemic prevention and control. Division of responsibilities, formulate emergency plans and work measures for epidemic prevention and control, make reasonable arrangements and registrations for the first batch of employees to resume work, and arrange for one third of the employees to return to the factory, so that employees can maintain sufficient distance and space during work to avoid excessive employees. Dense is risky.


"Since employees live in the company's dormitories in a unified way, basically one for a family or one for 3-4 employees, the company makes ingenious arrangements for multi person dormitories. First, only one person is arranged to come to work, and other personnel are waiting for notice in their hometown. At the same time, all meals are required to be solved in the dormitories to avoid cross infection," Xiang Gaofeng said.

It is reported that the company conducted a detailed investigation on the first batch of employees before they returned to Shenzhen: 14 days' whereabouts and arrival time, excluding travel history from or where the epidemic occurred, so as to ensure that the health status of employees at work is 100%. After returning to Shenzhen, employees are required to report in the wechat applet of Shenzhen public security organ, and learn epidemic prevention knowledge at the same time, so that everyone knows.


On the first day of work, in addition to all employees registering for disinfection and temperature measurement, the company also implements eight management measures: First, the factory space is disinfected every day, the floor is mopped with 84 disinfectant, and there are door handles, toilets, machine surfaces, tables and chairs, Wipe clean the tools with 84 disinfectant; secondly, the staff of the company do not need to check in when entering the door, and the administrative department personnel shall register and measure their body temperature; thirdly, the employees must use disinfectant to wash their hands and disinfect, etc., and wear new masks of the company; fourthly, non-company personnel Do not enter the factory; fifth, the masks should not be separated from the mouth, the workshop personnel should be at least one meter apart, and they should not talk to each other; sixth, everyone must take their temperature twice a day and register them; seventh, the front and back doors of the company must be closed , So as to prevent people from entering at will; eighth, company personnel are not allowed to organize and participate in dinners, not to gather in crowded places to speak, wash hands frequently, pay attention to hygiene, and wear masks all the way out.


On February 11, the first day the enterprise resumed work, the epidemic prevention and control and production were orderly. "The company has done a lot of preparatory work before returning to work, which is very thoughtful. We feel very safe, considerate and warm, which not only ensures the return to work but also ensures our health," said an employee.


It is worth mentioning that the company also organizes party members and employees to form a voluntary service team, which is on duty 24 hours to provide logistics support and other services for employees. If any abnormality is found, it shall be reported to the leaders of the company immediately.

Editor Zou Yuanxian

      (Author: reading special reporter Luo Shiyi correspondent Li changzhan text / picture)