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Under the epidemic situation: how to implement the epidemic prevention work after the enterprise returns to work?

Update time: 2020-05-13    Views: 6415


After a long holiday

Many enterprises have finally ushered in

A chance to go out and relax - return to work

How about the epidemic prevention work after the enterprise returns to work?

It has become the focus of attention

● 布吉街道复工情况



Sufficient epidemic prevention materials


Shenzhen Zhencai packaging products Co., Ltd., located in jishengchang Industrial Zone, Buji street, mainly produces paper prints, packaging boxes and bags, and orders mainly come from abroad. The company official told reporters that due to the receipt of a batch of orders before the Spring Festival, when the new crown virus pneumonia was reported to have the possibility of transmission, they began to prepare for the epidemic prevention materials.




We saw the news about this epidemic prevention work years ago and the government staff gave us guidance. We have purchased a batch of protective articles since years ago. Now all our purchased epidemic prevention articles are very sufficient, and the amount of disinfectant and masks can meet the consumption of nearly a month.


Materials are available

Corresponding epidemic prevention measures should also be put in place

Formulate emergency plans and work measures for epidemic prevention and control

During the Spring Festival, the company received a notice from the superior department asking the enterprise to postpone the resumption of work. In order to ensure that there is no mistake between epidemic prevention and resumption of work, the senior management of the enterprise successively held several meetings through wechat group, established an epidemic prevention and control leading group, clarified the division of responsibilities, and formulated emergency plans and work measures for epidemic prevention and control.

Ensure safe production distance


After preliminary screening, only 13 staff returned to work in the first batch, accounting for about one third of the company. Workers need to go through a set of standard disinfection and sterilization processes before they are allowed to enter the workshop. On the production line, the company also strictly stipulates that the production station should maintain a safe production distance of one meter to two meters.



It is worth mentioning that since employees live in the company's dormitories, in order to avoid cross infection in daily life, the company makes ingenious arrangements for multi person dormitories. Only one person is arranged to come back to work in each dormitory, and the personnel are controlled to avoid going out as much as possible. The company disinfects the living and office environment at least twice a day.






News source: Longgang financial media

Reporter: Lin Dequan   Editor: Zhu Xiali

Editor: Guo Hongbin    Producer: Shi Weibing